We empower enterprises with Business-Ready data they can trust

by our integrated approach to strategy and innovation

Our services

We collaborate with Enterprises to provide Business-Ready data they can trust whilst ensuring the best customer outcomes

Professional Services

Spectrum has access to several consultants who are available for key customer engagements in senior SME and advisory roles specialising in Controls Framework automation, Reconciliations, Exception Management, Data Quality, Compliance, and Governance.

Product Implementation

Spectrum have skilled SMEs who are experienced in translating our customer’s business requirements into valuable solutions via our product’s rule driven configurations in Banking & Finance, Insurance, Telco and Retail.


Spectrum’s “train-the-trainer” approach supports customer independence going forward. We provide customised courses aligned with the actual product implementation so the attendees are learning how to use, configure and modify their enterprise’s real-life deployment.

Where appropriate Spectrum will use a new requirement as the focus of the Rule based configuration training rather than a hypothetical one as the attendees are more motivated completing real work tasks during training.

Training comes under four categories:

  • End-User training – which is relatively short as it’s just for the product which has already been configured to meet the enterprise’s requirements. This also includes training to empower the End-Users to configure their processes using GUI capabilities such as drag-and-drop, and point-and-click, in a self-service capacity, independently of IT.
  • Administration training – maintaining the product’s access via role-based security and business rule protocols, Rule configuration, and access to features by end-users. Prerequisite for Administration training is End-User training.
  • Technical training – for personnel who need to get deeper into various aspects of the products.
  • Self-service training – self paced web training is also available.